NY Laws pertaining to Beekeeping

    hello all-

    i am just getting into beekeeping, but i am waiting until next year to get my bees, as i got interested in june, a little late to start this year. after much thought and planning i have decided to go with kenyan top bar hives, as i only want honey for myself and a few friends, and not a commercial operation. My question is what laws and regulations do i need to follow,and who do i contact to get things going. i have emailed the NYS Ag and Markets, but have yet to hear from anyone. I know i am supposed to register with the state aparist for inspection, but do i need any permits or licenses to keep bees? Thanks for all your responses in advance.
  2. wildbranch2007
    i have emailed the NYS Ag and Markets, but have yet to hear from anyone

    You will find that they are not very responsive from what I have heard. On there web site should be a map and on the map should list who the inpector is for your area, you may be able to contact the inspector directly. also better information is probably available from the cornell univ. site. to the best of my knowledge all you have to do is register and get inspected although from what I understand the bee keeping clubs are disputing this as no beeks were asked or consulted about the legislation. It's my understanding that you have to get some kind of premit to move hives, maybe be true but if you ever figure out who/how to see to do this let us all know.

    have fun needed any info/help just ask mike
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