1. techmant
    Hello everyone. Tim in East Tn here. Athens to be more specific. 2nd year beek.
    9 lang hives. 1 TBH. 1 observation hive and 1 5 frame nuc...doing splits soon and trying my hand at queen rearing as well. Would love to get started doing some instrumental insemination too if I can get my equipment made. Tell me about yourselves please.
  2. G3farms
    Hello tech, WOW you sound like the bee bug has really bitten you to only be in it for two years. I live up on the knox and loudon county line in concord, just east of lenior city.I have five lang hives and a bee tree at the moment.

  3. honey daddy
    honey daddy
    Hey everyone I'm chris from kingsport I have 4 hives and been doing it for 4 years
  4. USCBeeMan
    Hi! Going into my 3rd year. Currently have 8 hives at home, 8 at a farm, and 1 behind a business in Murfreesboro.

    My second year I went from 4 hives to as many as 26 or so. I captured 25 swarms, 5 cutouts, 4 trapouts, and cutdown at least 1 tree. Also purchased 4 packages and 1 nuc. Lost 3 of the 4 packages by July. Losses were high. Some where caused by me, others were just doomed and I didn't know any better.

    I have several bee jobs already lined up for 2010. Have a trapout to do not far from the house in a huge tree. Another to do in the bottom of a tree in someone's back yard about 25 miles away. I have a dead tree to cut down to get the bees at a lake front property in Hendersonville, TN. Guess that is over 50 miles away. I am also purchasing 2 nucs from Beehunter. Based on last year, if the swarming is anything like it was then, I should get a huge number of calls for swarms.
  5. awaggledance
    This is my first year beekeeping after falling in love with bees last year. I work at the creative discovery museum which has a bee exhibit and spent many of my breaks just watching the bees. We have an amazing observation hive, a KTB, and a langstroth hive. Last year we had three swarms from these hives possibly because spring came a few months early. I enjoyed learning from all these experiences and signed up for a mentoring class as soon as I got a chance this year. I now have a thriving hive and just added my queen excluder and another super. I am loving beekeeping and writing lots about it on my blog and website all about bees. Like a bee telling her sisters where nectar is, I am communicating what I know about bees.
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