New Beekeeper to-be

  1. LaurEl
    Hello, fellow Tucsonans! I am stumbling around the Beesource website, having joined just a couple weeks ago, and discovered the small little group here for Tucson beekeepers. I see there's not been a lot of activity, but thought maybe a little message would bring you all out. I have been doing a great deal of reading, research, and have taken a couple beekeeping classes in anticipation of hopefully having a hive of my own this spring. I will be using a top bar hive but am looking forward to learning from anyone local who is willing to share their knowledge. Has there been any luck getting a beekeeper group together in our area?

  2. BordertownDevil
    Hi, LaurEl! I just joined this site/group as well and am anxious to start beekeeping in April. Having difficulty finding anyone else in town doing this so I thought perhaps this group might be an asset. I would also be interested in a beekeeping group or club.
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