Anne, where is everyone?

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  1. LeonardS
    Hi! Leonard Stevenson from Ankeny, IA. First year beekeeper with 3 hives.....2 good and 1 not so good. If it can happen, it has probably happened to me this year.....first two packages died, lost a queen in one hive, wax moths, two queens in one hive, etc.
  2. blueribboncookies
    OK, thanks Leonard!
    I'm Anne and I beekeep with my son, and since it's so much fun* my husband and other son get involved, too! We have 6 hives going into this winter - our third winter. This honey harvest was VERY GOOD, even with selling nucs this past spring and summer.
    *Well, sometimes there's so much fun ... uh, I mean work ... that we totally need their help!
    Looking forward to more bee conversation!
  3. gkempf
    Hi all ! Gary Kempf here from southeast Ia..... hey Anne, my 2 hives i got from you have really built up for winter, i have been feeding lots of sugar water and they have their 2 deeps almost full ! These are the best bees that I've ever had, they are so gentle to handle and never cause a fuss when i open the hive and look around. I haven't winterized them yet but i will get that done this weekend. I will definitely want 3 or 4 more nucs next year if you have them available!!
  4. blueribboncookies
    Welcome, Gary! Thanks for the good news!
  5. LeonardS
    Hi Gary! When you say that you are going to winterize this weekend......are you going to wrap the hives already? I am still feeding all 3 of my hives and want to continue that until they quit taking it. I am then going to put candy boards on top of the hives, just in case they run out of honey/syrup over the winter.
  6. blueribboncookies
    It might be a bit early for wrapping, especially when we get those very warm hours during the day. We'll likely wrap ours over Turkey Day weekend or maybe even mid-Dec depending on how the weather is doing.
  7. gkempf
    I've never wrapped any hives before, i may use some straw bales to make a wind break. I will put on mouse guards and top feed them as long as i can...
  8. LeonardS
    I put the stainless mouse guards with the 3/8" holes on last weekend. How do you keep the mice out of the upper entrance?
  9. blueribboncookies
    Uh oh ... I haven't worried about mice in that entrance! Maybe a piece of hardware cloth with the bigger holes where the bees can move but the mice cannot.
  10. cade10
    In webster county Iowa here. Been doing bees and honey for 4 years, not real big 5 hives going into winter, had 7 this summer but one was a package that just didn't make it - bad location I think, the only hive in a different place - one was 3 years just barely making it. Did some successful splits this year but I am mostly limited by lack of drawn comb and of course equipment and funds. Hives outside of town - on a trailer they are on all year because I have to move when they spray the fields next to me.
    I enjoy the bees- trying to decide how serious to get with it here - there are alot of people who seem to be getting into the business in the last couple years, mostly on a larger scale than I am but they are only doing honey so it is a little bit of an odd business plan to count on one product. Bee keeping works well with what I do for income ( farmers markets ) I am fiddling with mead making as well as other products from the hive eventually.
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