black plastic frames.

  1. Ben Little
    Ben Little
    Does anyone find that the Black plastic frames are being filled better than the white or wax? in the Brood chamber or is this just a coinsidence ?

    i have some black frames from the nucs i bought and it seems to have a little extra activity than the others, but it may just be fluke.
    i do remember reading about how they like Black in the brood chamber somewhere.

  2. Tiwilager
    It may just have to do with those being in the middle. I assume you placed the 4 frames in the middle of the hive, and the queen usually lays closer to the middle. That would be my guess.
  3. dan men
    dan men
    ya my guess is they ware in the middle for my self I'm going to go with the frames but let theme build the foundation i prefer to go as natural as possible
    oh by the way tiwilager i forgot to mention that i don't want 20 hives lol I'm limited on the space so the deal would be 1 for two or 3 and so on for the years after
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