1. rw3212
    Well we had it rolling, but it seems to have reached a growth stop.

    What can we get a dialogue going on?
  2. devdog108
    Hey I have a question, we have a ton of flowers still blooming, the yellow ones....(the name escapes me) are they pulling nectar off of these?
  3. devdog108
    Hey another question for us middle Ga guys...beeks. For overwintering, are you double the brood chamber or is 1 deep enough. within a week, I will have to add a super or a brood chamber
  4. Bizzybee
    A single deep will work provided you have them full of stores by the time winter sets in.

    I typically give the bees one deep and one medium as brood boxes.
  5. rw3212
    Well guys,

    Looks bad for me. I had 5 hives here at the house and 5 in an outyard.

    This was the last week of June.

    I just finished a mid-summer check and have 1 serviving hive here and 2 in the outyard.

    One was full of dead and a large black widow, all the others are just empty, no bees, brood, honey. They were all being fed since the bloom slowed down and emptied 1 - 2 qts a week per hive.

    Guess I'm just not ment to be a beek, this is 3 years now and I can't afford to be rebuying all the time.

    Anyone interested in picking up the group let me know. I'll keep it going on a limited basis.

    Thanks and better luck to all of you.
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