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  1. sammyjay
    How did your bees winter everyone? My mentor had a great survival rate, he checked 400 and he lost only 10. Both of mine made it through the winter, but I'm sure it's nothing that I did that makes them alive now.

  2. David Bowen
    David Bowen
    Hey Everyone

    Im in Port Dover and just installed 3 hives. Wish me luck!

  3. honeyshack
    hello David and welcome to the world of bees!
  4. Nkwazi
    Hi Guys,

    I see the last post was some time ago, but I'll take a chance some of you are still watching the group. Just started my beekeeping venture. I got some equipment from someone who inherited it and didn't want to get into beekeeping. It had been in a shed for a while so took a lot of cleaning and some paint but I eventually, after having some components built, ended up with enough for 5 hives. After buying 2 full hives and two starters I now have 4 occupied hives and 3 empty. Trying foundationless and I want to keep it as chemical-free as possible. Just doing it as a hobby now, but if it pans out I may end up considering doing this full-time. Looking for other beekeepers in the Morden/Winkler/RM of Stanley area so I can possibly come see what other more experienced beekeepers are doing.
  5. Yvesrow1
    Hey everyone, I'm a bee keeper from Sudbury with 6 hives... Now into my second year I've confirmed my passion for bees and plan significant expansions...
    I encourage contact by message with any nearby bee keepers, I would love to exchange knowledge or help you with your bees anyway that I can.


  6. tsamis
    Hi All,

    I am Tim Samis from Sherwood Park Alberta and I am fulfilling a child hood dream of keeping Bees.
    My Uncle was an apiarist and i recall the sights, smell and sounds from when I was as young as 4 or 5.

    I have 2 new hives and this my first EVER experience of keeping bees this Year !

    On May 13, 2015, I installed a great NUC I obtained from a local bee keeper and it is doing very well.
    Queen is out and accepted and I will be re-checking on them in the next few days - hope to be adding a second brood super as well.

    On May 15, 2015, I hived a package of Carniolan hybrid bees from Arataki Honey from New Zealand
    They are coming along and I am feeding syrup and a pollen puck.
    However, I have been watching them closely and have noted many steadily arriving with pollen and nectar !!

    Great to meet you all

  7. stickygoodness
    hi all.
    first year newbee here, located in waskada mb
    loving it so far
    trying to stay ahead of 14 hives (hobby getting out of control
  8. Dalbruh
    Hi everyone! I know this group isn't too busy by any means (last post in august of last year) but I thought I'd drop a comment anyway. I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan and just got my first hive a month ago. I just joined the Regina bee club as well and am really excited about my first year! I haven't been stung yet (or ever by a honeybee) so I'm working up the courage to get stung intentionally just to prepare myself. Hope to hear from anyone!
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