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  1. mgolden

    Checking in from Edmonton AB. This is my first year bee keeping and have three hives. Started with a kg of bees, bought a queen and set up a NUC, and captured bees after they swarmed (quite an experience to say the least). Extracted 60lbs of honey.

    Question. How big is the entrance reducer opening for winter? I am proposing to go to a 3/8 inch by 1 inch wide opening on a two deep super hive. Have an inside cover entrance of 1.5 inches by 3/8 and also a 3/4 inch round hole top entrance.

    Was checking area hives on the weekend and they appear to be 1.5 to 1.75 inches wide by 3/8

  2. Jami
    Hi Jonathon, just out of curiousity, how do you winter your bees (insulation, housewrap.....)?
    Do you manage to keep the majority of them alive into spring?
  3. Jonathan Hofer
    Jonathan Hofer
    We were keeping them wrapped with 2" insulation before, but this year we purchased a bunch of Bee Cozy winter wraps (NOD Apiaries) and plan to use those. We have tried them before on some of our hives, and find that they are easy to use, and the bees come through the winter quite well with them. There are some pictures at: http://www.scottcreekhoney.com/Wintering_Method.html
  4. sammyjay
    How expensive are the wraps?
  5. mgolden
    From the Alberta( Western Canada) Honey Producers Coop, they run about $85. Good quality and covers 4 hives on a pallet. Hives are two deep supers.
  6. Jonathan Hofer
    Jonathan Hofer
    The ones we have are for individual hives. You can get them for double or single hives. They cost us about $18 for the double wraps.
  7. honeyshack
    jami, forgot about this thread, prices seem good
    Sorry for the late reply. They are bout what my prices are except not the 375 ml I am lower. If you can get that price...good for you!!!
  8. honeyshack
    We switched to the bee cozies...like them
  9. Jami
    no problem honeyshack, thanks for the reply.
    I've been so busy I haven't been on here for a while, but did I ever have an outstanding year -
    I harvested more than 225 lbs from 2 hives, which in itself I was thrilled with, as I was just hoping
    to keep my bees alive in my first year
    then I brought some of my honey to my mentor to try, and he said it was excellent and that he thought it would win first place at the
    manitoba honey show in winnipeg. Which I thought was really nice of him, but sort of took it with a grain of salt, but I entered just for fun,
    and I tied for first in creamed honey and first in the beginner class.
    And I've sold all the honey I had for sale, and could have sold double what I had.
    I hope no one takes this as bragging, because I'm well aware its just dumb beginners luck, and the advice of the people around me.
    I'm just so thrilled with how the year went and thought it might encourage others.
    Anyway, thanks everyone for the help.
  10. honeyshack
    Congrats on the wins and the honey production and the selling of all your honey...Good Job!
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