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  1. Jami
    Just for fun if everybody doesn't mind i'd love to hear where everybody is from, how long you've been beekeeping, how big your operation is.....
    I'm new here so I apologize if this is being repetitive
    Look forward to hearing from everyone
  2. sammyjay
    Hey Jami, I'm from Saskatchewan and I'm a first year beekeeper with 2 hives. How are you liking beekeeping?
  3. Jami
    That's funny, I'm also a first year with two hives. So far I am loving it and plan to expand whenever I can.
    Probably my least favorite thing is the patience aspect, I have to force myself to wait once a week to go check them
    How are you liking it?

    Ps. Forgot to mention I'm from Manitoba
  4. sammyjay
    I'm liking it OK I guess, and one of my mistakes was not observing them often enough. Hopefully somebody else joins in on this discussion. Sorry for not replying to your post sooner.
  5. Jami
    No problem, I assume you have a life beyond the forum
    You don't seem that enthused - did you have a bad experience?
  6. sammyjay
    It's just that I get stung when I go to close and I can't observe them closely. You should come on chat room in the evening. Sometimes honeyshack is on, a Manitoba beekeeper. If you want to know if she's their, go down to the bottom of the beesource beekeeping forums index, under where it shows who's online, and you will find a who's chatting thing. If it's not there, then nobody is on.
  7. Jami
    Thanks a bunch, that's good to know.
    So any idea why your bees are so uptight?
    Just get a bad batch?
    Are you able to do inspections at all?
  8. sammyjay
    I can do inspections, but I go in full suit now. I think it's just part of the hives getting stronger.
  9. honeyshack
    hello to you both. As Sammy says, I am a beekeeper in Manitoba. I have been in it for a few years now. It was not the direction our farm was on at that time, but circumstances forced us into looking into other ways to keep the farm viable. I am glad we did. Love it. Jami, come and visit us in the chat room. We talk about everything under the sun and then more. Sometimes we talk about other things other than bees. There are some newbees, some commercial, some seasoned keepers...it is cool
    Later all
  10. Jami
    Thanks for the invite, I appreciate it - i'd love to but I live in the valley so can't get Internet at home, so I have to borrow my mom's phone if I want to Internet
    If you don't mind my asking, where are you in MB?
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