State Your Location & How Much Honey You Harvested This Year!!

  1. honeybeekeeper
    South Central Ky and i harvested 150 lbs of honey so far this year!!
  2. Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin
    Northeast Ohio
    1st. Harvest ever, after 50 years beekeeper
    20 pounds
  3. honeybeekeeper
    You was a beekeeper for 50 yrs and just got your 1st honey harvest?? Congradulations!
  4. Sam Fugate
    Sam Fugate
    East central KY. first year beek. MY first harvest was 30 pounds.
  5. Sharpbees
    I'm in Nelson County, K. Harvested 300 pounds so far and still have a couple of deeps to do, I always like to wait in case other hives run light.
  6. ky_mike
    Eastern, KY 40 lbs. and 2 splits from my first hive.
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