Screened bottom boards, vegetable oi and SHB

  1. headpainter
    OK. Since I have built and installed screened bottom boards on all my hives, I have noticed that the trays I placed under the screens are doing their job and killing the adult SHB. Yay! However, I also noticed that the SHB Larva worms that have been falling into the oil, are not dying. I have at least 1 pan that is loaded with live worms in the oil. Has anyone else dealt with this situation? If I were to change to a sticky pad board, then that may work, but I'm set up for an oil bath. I wonder if another type of oil may be better?
    Meanwhile, I am constantly feeding them to build them up from their weakened status. Thanks, Ben
  2. bwhitecpa
    Are the larvae escaping from the oil bath?

    Robert Russell has some interesting studies on SHB. I would enjoy hearing what he has to say about this.
  3. headpainter
    From what I could tell, it looked like some of them had managed to get to the edge and crawl out as there were a few on the top of my foil pan edge. That edge is under a part of the wood when it is installed and not under screen, so they must have fell in the oil and crawled out.
  4. headpainter
    Well that weak hive finally died off or left around the 4th of July. They were slap full of SHB Larve even though my screened bottom boards were catching a load of them. Unfortunate.
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