Swarm season

  1. paintingpreacher
    It appears swarm season will be heavy this year. I have had more calls this year already than I had all season last year. Equipment may run low if this keeps up. My own swarm prevention does not appear to be working very well this tiime around. Only had a couple of hives to swarm last year but have already captured about ten around my own hives. Driving to a swarm call yesterday and noticed a broken down bee tree swarming with bees. It is located on Old Hwy 6 about 3-4 miles west of Pontotoc on the north side of the highway.. If interested, just look for the broken down oak;; It is about 1/4 mile east of Mcgregors Chapel Bapt. Church. Don't know who it belongs too but there are homes close by.. May be on highway property.
    Anyone else seeing lots of swarms?
  2. GWDawg1
    preacher, I caught one earlier but they absounded on me. Haven't seen or gotten any more calls, but it has been wet and rainy as you well know. I am in Becker, just south of Amory. If you get any calls that are out of your range but closer to me, let me know, I would love to have them. My phone number is 662-315-3883. I am making up some deeps now and have 4 ready if I need them. Also built a Bee-Vac last weekend just in case. Is the swarm still around on 6 close to Pontotoc. I am originally from Tupelo, so kind of know my way around over there.
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