North Mississippi Storms

  1. bwhitecpa
    My household and community made it out of the storms yesterday without damage, but several of my hives did not fare so well.

    At least two colonies were completely submerged by floodwaters. Prior to the storm, they were Sunkists from Russell Apiaries, now they are Baptists. I've already caught a few sneaking into the liquor store...but they wouldn't acknowledge me! (I can joke about it because I'm Baptist too). All the bees were still with the hive when the storms ended, so they have a hard clean up job ahead. It was still sprinkling rain a bit when I went to check on them so I couldn't get pictures, but I will have some posted soon.

    I think a total of 3 hives and 1 nuc split were affected by the waters, only the aforementioned Baptists were completely submerged.
  2. paintingpreacher
    Sorry to hear about the hives but glad all are ok. We were very fortunate compared to our friends to the south and east. Last year I had hives that flooded into the bottom box but all survived. Had to requeen one which was knocked over by the swift water. I checked those hives today expecting the same but they appeared to be ok. I am now ready for some sunshine!
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