Honey stores

  1. markmaster
    Anyone else have more than the expected amount of honey stores in their hives? Four of mine are "blessed" to varying degrees, but all are more than I anticipated. I'm planning to pull a few frames to use in the new hive and then see about adding supers to the others.
  2. Wilsonvillebeekeeper
    I talked with a member from Jefferson county beekeepers association and he said that he had a good March flow and had a super that was already capped.
  3. markmaster
    Glad to hear that I'm not "seeing things" --- I'm pulling four today and moving them to the new hive. I have nucs arriving next week and I'll need a few for them, too.
  4. markmaster
    OK, I ended up pulling five frames for myself - fully capped, good color, and delicious! - and moving 8 or 9 others (partially capped) to balance the honey stores according to brood patterns, at least as much as I understand those patterns. Hopefully, I haven't screwed anything up that the bees can't fix!
  5. Wilsonvillebeekeeper
    Checked on my hives and had 1 1/2 supers full on 4 hives. I will be putting another super on each of those hives. One hive has just started on the first super and one has not touched the first super.

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