1. Jaseemtp
    How is every one doing? Hope the bees made it through our cold winter this year.
  2. BCW5
    My hives made it through the winter no problems. I am just waiting for nectar to kick in.
  3. Jaseemtp
    got my packages on the 21st, just been feeding them like mad. I see them coming in with some bright yellow pollen.
  4. mudmallet
    Made it through winter with only one dead-out out of six hives. Had a few late summer rescues from urban backyards that i'm either cutting or trapping out of their shelters and getting them into standard equipment. The nectar flow has begun in Austin but i'm not sure how strong or long it will be given the lack of rain. Calls for removals are already coming in from folks. I removed a large hive from a trailer two days ago that filled ten full frames with brood and had another five frames of drone brood that i discarded. I found empy queen cells too. They must have been ready to swarm at any momment or had just recently swarmed but the latter seems unlikely since the colony was full to the brim with workers. I'm not feeding any of my hives since they are bringing in lots of pollen and some nectar. If the flow stops i may have to limp them through summer though.
  5. Jaseemtp
    I would love to have to go get a swarm of bees. I sure could use them
  6. Kingfisher Apiaries
    Kingfisher Apiaries
    Wow...its still going over here!
  7. Jaseemtp
    Ok, im up to 9 hives, I have gotten lucky with swarm and removal calls. Im afraid I will make my goal of 10 hives this year easly and not sure what to do if I keep getting more. I need to find some crops to put some hives on.
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