Sweeter than Springtime Tennessee honey

  1. buhbee
    Well here I sit, still beeless in March, waiting on delivery of a nuc and a couple packages in mid-April. This has been the longest winter EVER, and I'm not convinced it will end come March 20.

    So while I wait, impatiently, I wonder what other Tennessee beekeepers are seeing in their hives this first week of March. Likewise, what are you doing in the the apiary? Are you all feeding 1:1 sugar water? Pollen-substitute patties (MegaBee, UltraBee, etc.)? Anybody experience heavier than usual losses during the winter? What are your biggest concerns going into the spring? Finally, what are your plans for expanding your operation, and if you do plan to expand, how do you plan to go about it? Splits? Swarm catching? Theft?

    Me, I spend most days staring at the entrances of the two empty hives in my backyard, and at the saucer of sugar water I have placed on the deck railing, hoping to catch sight of a honeybee.

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