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  1. farmgent
    Hello, my name is Michael and I am as about a new "bee" as you can get. I live in Monroe which is about 25 miles from Athens.
    I am in the read read read phase, planning for my first hive next spring. In doing my research I found a local BeeKeeper in Monroe. Yesterday that beekeeper took my wife and I to some of his hives for our first experience with the ladies. It was a wonderful experience and we spent hours talking about how much fun it was afterwards. Took all we could do not to start ordering everything we saw in one of the supply catalogues we have.
    Finally we settled down and only ordered another beekeeping book. LOL
    I look forward to learning and getting ready for next spring when we start our hives.
  2. rw3212
    Welcome to the group.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your first experience so much. I know it is a tendancy to want everything NOW, but let your new friend guide you in what to order. For a price he might even set you up with everything you need for a first hive.

    Always remember that what you hear on these boards is someone's opinion, listen and decide what is best for you. Everything is pretty much a "This is what I do" comment.

    Keep us posted on whats happening.

    BTW: I'm familiar somewhat with you area. See if you friend is interested in the group, please.
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