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  1. rw3212
    Hello all,

    My name is Ron and I live in Auburn, Ga. It is on GA 8 west of Athens about 25 miles.

    I am located just across the road from a busy CSX line
    I'm 60+ and don't work anymore.

    I had 4 hives in Texas, started with 1 and chased swarms from it all season.
    They turned out to be AHB, wow am I glad to have some nice Italians

    I have been in Ga for 2 years now and got my first hive here in the fall of my arrival.

    Your Turn !!!
  2. ronhend
    Another Ron here.....
    I live in Cataula which is just outside of Columbus, Ga.
    I just got my first hives (2) going a couple of days ago.
    Always wanted to have bees, finally at 55 I'm getting started.
  3. GaSteve
    I'm Steve and live in Macon. I have bees in Bibb and surrounding counties. Started with 2 hives and am now quickly approaching 40.

    I'm also the president of our local beek assn. We meet in Perry the 3rd Tues of every month. Come by if you get the chance.
  4. rw3212
    Hello guys, glad to have you onboard. Maybe we can get this thing going.

    Any subject you wish, within reason of course.

    We need the rain, but my girls would like to see a few nice fly days mixed in.

    I died off to 2 hives this past winter, but the girls have ran me back to 9 now, with a hand-me-down from a friend If the weather lets us get build up for winter with a nice fall flow, I should be in a good place to rock-and-roll next yaer.
  5. devdog108
    Hey Guys, Adam from Covington, Ga. My first year as a Beek. Grew up with them, but never really had any. Was kinda forced into it as I had 4 swarms move across my back yard. Caught the last 2, did a combine and now I have my first hive. Have another package on the way. Will be here next week. Current hive is not doing good at all. Queen has disappeared and they barely have any comb drawn on their 21st day. With this being the only hive. requeening couldnt work as I dont there would be anyone left to work the brood. I am a little upset about it because I told myself I'd do this right, but an experienced beek said I just needed to combine when the new package comes in. Thanks for letting me join. Excited to be a new beek!
  6. rw3212
    Hi Adam,

    Glad to have you join us. Sorry you are having problems with you first attempt.

    You are having the experience with your swarm that I do. That is why I don't do much swarm retrieval.

    Others I hear talking do very well with them. All I have ever been able to do was combine them with existing colonies. Then I wonder how many problems I am importing.

    Let us know how you new bees do.
  7. devdog108
    Hey Thanks. Nice to meet some guys close by. They did pretty good for the first few days. I will say that my biggest mistake was clipping the queen. I did it to save their lives, but I have a feeling she was a virgin queen. EXCITED about the newbees coming next week. My kids are in heaven with this
  8. dbest
    Hello I'm Dennie, Me and my wife live in Boston, near Thomasville. We operate about 2500 hives. My father has been over wintering hives here since 1993. I moved here in 2002 and have been spending my winters here since. We're supposed to be in Michigan already to help move the bees out of the blueberries. However the rain is slowing the removal of the last load from here and Michigan isn't my favorite state anyways. We're normally here from Thanksgiving through Memorial day. Some of the bees to go to California and some to Florida.
  9. rw3212
    Hello Dennie and welcome.

    I have been seeing you screenname around and am glad to finally meet you.

    It sound like you guys have a major undertaking each time the bees need moved. How many time each year do you move them (the same hives that is)?

    Did you grow up in comercial beeking?
  10. TwT
    My name is Ted (42) for those that dont know me already, I have around 30 hives at this time and raising a few queens tring to get somewhere over 50 hives this year, I am a hobbiest but would like to make bee's my retirement by the time I am 50 (queens/nuc's). thats about it, nice to meet yaw!!!
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