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  1. Bizzybee
    Ron, there should be a transfer request in your PM's for transferring the group ownership over to you. You need to accept the transfer for it to be complete.

    This is a moderated group, which means that members must request to join the group and be approved by the owner/moderator for the group. Outside of that, the group is wide open for you folks to start threads and participate.

    I think it best that way myself as it prevents others from reading your threads and jumping in on the conversations regardless of whether they are from GA or a member of the group.

    As a board moderator, I still have access and control of all the groups. So if you folks have problems with how it all works or need help, send me a PM or an email at
  2. rw3212
    Request Approved....Thanks Steve.

    Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Georgia Beekeeper's Social Group.

    My name is Ron and like several of you, I am a fairly new beek myself.

    I am located west of Athens on Business 29 / Ga 8 just east of Lawrenceville.

    I am 60+, male and a medically retired vet.

    Been keeping bees for 2 years actively and another 2 sometimes.

    I currently have 4 hives on a farm about 45 miles away, doing very well. I also have 2 hives and 2 nuks here at the house. I keep newer ones here so I can look after them until I feel secure in moving them to the farm.

    Tell us about you.......

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