1. 16woodja
    Nuc are an excellent way to start.... definitely superior to a package and much easier to transport than a full size hive.
  2. 16woodja
    When you first get your hive you need to know that an empty hive will get no bees. It must have been previously used, or have at least some honey in it to get wild bees to move in. Place a jar of open honey in front of the empty hive, and leave the opening to the large size. If you have a telescoping cover, put the lid on the telescope lip to allow the bees a better entrance to the stores. If you have a plywood lid, put a stick under it to prop it up. The hive should be humid inside but not moist, and warm. All my bees are wild bees. They are a bit agressive but they really produce.
  3. pbuhler
    Good stuff. Make sure that you understand what you're reading and feel free to ask questions of me or on the board so that you are comfortable enough to explain what you've learned.

    If you want to save your info to a google doc, it will save you some cutting and pasteing. be sure to add the urls and share with me.
    Mr. B
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