Our Weather .. How's Yours?

  1. rw3212
    Either feast or famine...for 2 yeares not rain to speak off, now plenty to make bloom.

    Trouble is the girls can't get to the nector
  2. Bizzybee
    It's ruining the privet bloom for us. We'll be lucky to get much from it from here out. The blackberry is still going but won't last long.

    Maybe it'll back off soon before the sumac gets up and going. I have set a couple yards up this year that have a pretty fair amount on it. Not set up yet to move hives north into the sourwood. Maybe next year?

    It'll be time to break out the feeders before we know it. Sure would be nice to see a fall flow this year. Haven't had one in the past three years now.
  3. ga.beeman
    To much rain here and cool temps. real strong hive have made a little and others are just sitting there may have to feed some of the weak hive this week. rain has stop for the next few days and the temps are on the are in the mid 80's we could still make a little honey. not a good year so far
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