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  1. 16usilha
    I'm going to be studying what things you make with honey; like lip balm. I am not working with a partner.
  2. pbuhler
    Sounds good. You can change your mind about a partner as you move forward - or not. I don't know much about bees wax products, so I look forward to seeing what you learn. Mr. B
  3. 16kaijla
    Hayley if you really want a partner I would be yours if you want because I am interested in bee products too, but you don't have to be my partner if you don't want. I understand.
  4. 16usilha
    Lauren I think that it would be great to be partners.
  5. pbuhler
    Sometimes these conversations are more comfortable being Private Messages (PM) so feelings aren't exposed publicly. If you do choose to work together, I look forward to seeing your presentation. Mr. B
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