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  1. 16woodja
    I decided to do "how to start beekeeping"
  2. pbuhler
    Cool. This might be useful to you and others wondering where to start and what it might involve and cost. Mr. B
  3. 16woodja
    I found the tools that you will need for beekeeping and the prices. I didnt know that to start a hive it would cost this much but these prices are from 2006.

    $4.95 Manual
    $41.50 Inner & Telescoping Covers
    $25.00 Screened Bottom Boards
    $1.90 Entrance Reducers
    $95.00 Medium Supers
    $65.00 Medium Frames
    $71.00 Small Cell Foundation
    $33.90 Hive Top Feeders
    $15.90 Ventilated Covers
    $23.95 Smoker
    $12.50 Hive Tool
    $47.95 Jacket & Veil Combo
    $11.95 Gloves
    $450.50 TOTAL less items #13
    $19.95 Frame Perch
    $12.95 Frame Grip
    $483.40 TOTAL for all items
    Shipping costs are not included.
    If you want to know what all these tools do and what they are go to the URL below.
  4. 16woodja
  5. 16woodja
  6. pbuhler
    I know that there are cheaper ways to get started in beekeeping - shop around and you will find certain items for less; It can still be expensive, but it will be interesting to see for how much less you can get started. Mr. B
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