natural comb observation hive

  1. franktrujillo
    well im starting to build an observation hive 30"x48"figure im going to separte into two parts with a queen excluder so harvesting honey will be easy to be continued will try to post pics
  2. gingerbee
    I would love to have an observation hive.
  3. franktrujillo
    hello again check my profile pic i just discovered how bees move horizontal the comb is concaved inwards towards the brood chamber that comb is filled with honey im so excited
  4. franktrujillo
    finally finished well none too soon russian queen arrived it was hard to tell witch one was the queen didn't look like a queen.
  5. bigbearomaha
    I will also be building an observation hive, mine based on a ktbh.

    Both long sides will be made of plexi-glass and have solid board covers for when bees are not on display.

    I hope to have pics this spring to show folks.

    Big Bear
  6. franktrujillo
    hello all,well if you don't understand why they draw foundationless first instead of plastic....when the bees are starting to draw wax they hang..Its harder to hang off the side of plastic then off of the bottom of the combs....once they start they can change the size and direction of the cells.plastic cells they can't change for instance. a bee hole which i call them is when they go between combs they make these bee holes"passages at the top, middle,and bottom corners of the combs which allows for horizontal movement between combs.Aslo note that when younger bees after leaving winter cluster for the first time as temps begain to rise before exiting they run back and forth as to measure the comb and direction of the cluster.then they exit the OB hive.note on location of the entrance on return they make several attempts at getting the entrance correct.feces is tublar and looks dry but little wet,no strong odor...outside temps shade 33F. inside cluster movement bees moving on combs...
  7. franktrujillo
    well late spring not enough bees in outside OBH bees didn't survive.moving hive in sunnier location!starting new OBH design for winter conditions and exit and entrance redesign.
  8. franktrujillo
    redesigned observation hive made 2 in fact...2011 winter over..both hives wintered over successfully now to keep that design and make usable ones.time too built my prototype.
  9. franktrujillo
    bees in natural comb doing well there population since spring has increased.seen queens there doing good and laying as expected good brood pattern no mites detected building new comb only one honey cell propolized off as i read they will do that when there is some kind of contaminate in it i figure its some type of pesticide.when i see more i will remove and send to a lab.removed a frame to give to a queen less hive.weds April 18th
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