NC Master Beekeeper Program

  1. gingerbee
    If you would like to learn more about beekeeping, these courses are available.

    "The N. C. Master Beekeeper Program (MBP) is the largest program of its kind in the country. Established in the fall of 1982, its purpose is to provide an infrastructure whereby beekeepers can improve their beekeeping skills and knowledge on a continuous basis within a system that objectively and formally acknowledges those accomplishments. It also serves as a means of providing valuable information to beekeepers and the public through various outreach services."


    Apiculture Program at NCSU:"

    Source: Apiculture Program, Department of Entomology, NCSU
  2. gingerbee
  3. tct1w
    Gingerbee thanks for the link. I received the Certified Beekeeper last year and look forward to working on my Journeyman upcoming. Alot to learn. Take care and thanks alot
  4. gingerbee
    I haven't recieved my Certified Beekeeper yet. Congratulation's on receiving yours. I hope to take the course again next time it's offered.
    Good luck on your Journeyman's.
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