the winter

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  1. BIGN
    Was the winter hard on your bees?
  2. tct1w
    No Im a new beek and got my two colonies through the winter just fine. One is smokin and the other one is average. Made a walk away split from both of them and so far so good. Should have mated queens in a couple of weeks. Take Care Dave
  3. gingerbee
    My colonies made through, stronger now than they were last fall; had to be fed in early spring because of low stores.
  4. zzub
    I lost two out of three.
  5. gingerbee
    I'm sorry about your loss. Hope you have a better spring.
  6. tct1w
    Is it over yet?. I checked the girls today and gave the splits some 1:1 to tide them over for a few days. The other hives are rearing brood like crazy so with the rain,wind and cold temps not a lot of nectar. Had some pretty good pollen though. They were just starting in on the apple blossoms today but with 29 Tuesday nite hopefully we will still have blooms. CU Dave
  7. gingerbee
    How are your hives? I haven't checked mine in a few days. Need to do that. Hope everyone has a nice Easter.
  8. dorado
    I lost 1 of my 4 hives the last weekend of February. They seemed good when I checked on Thursday 26th. We had rain through the weekend and below freezing temps at night Sunday through Wednesday...not able to forage too many days in a row. Checked hives the following weekend March 8th and that hive starved. I have already replaced that hive with a swarm.
  9. pamlico
    I lost 2 out of 10. Mine were due to queen loss. December was a bad month to find a queen. I combined the two with other hives.
  10. tct1w
    Winter was tough wasnt it. I have heard locally of 50% loss. I was very fortunate and think they all made it through. Had to move some honey around and emergency feed the cluster and one. It would have starved a couple of weeks ago but I just happened to look. Glad I did. Look forward to hearing from others Peace Dave
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