Virginia Beekeepers

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  1. winevines
    what do you think. not sure what it will do, but a way for us to query a group of folks from VA at least
  2. papa bear
    papa bear
    technicly i am not in VA. . but i can trow a rock to the line and most of my business and dealings is there. i cover most of the sw VA.. hope to here from ya'll
  3. boones_bee_nectar
    It's hard to believe that there is only 8 beekeepers in VA that are members Bee Source!!! The last post was 9 months ago. Virginia beeks need to get in gear and sign up to this group because you never know who you might run into that could live just down the street from you and can provide you some help. Sometimes you need an extra hand in a pinch.
  4. blutick13
    Hi all,

    This will be my 3rd. year at beekeeping and would like to meet and chat with other beekeepers in my area (Greene County Virginia). I have a lot to learn.

  5. Wyldbee

    This will be my first year keeping bees. Looking forward to learning a lot and enjoying the bees!

  6. Virginia Bee
    Virginia Bee
    Great to meet everyone here!
  7. ChristopherA
    Heck I will update the post....where is everyone located....Orange, Va here
  8. Virginia Bee
    Virginia Bee
    Bedford County for bees
  9. stillstoked
    Rockingham Co. Elkton. just started keeping bees.
  10. HVH Jr.
    HVH Jr.
    Hey folks,

    I've been in beekeeping for awhile, but I am new to this forum. I just moved to Northern Virginia for my education and I plan to keep bees on campus. Since I hail from the west, I am ignorant of the local plants in the area and the beekeeping suppliers in the East. Stay tuned for questions...

    ~HVH Jr.
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