brood not capped

  1. joeadams
    i lost a queen in early july and checked my brood box today the new queen is laying eggs well but none of the eggs are being capped the larvae is almost half the size of the cells now is this a concern should i reintroduce the feeder to them i removed the feeder in late july

    please give me a little info
  2. honeybeekeeper
    Right now you should be seeing the bees flying back anbd forth like they are on a mission! The fall flow seemed to start in central ky around a week ago...If it doesnt rain soon i dont know if it will last long! How is the stores in the hive, are they low???...If they are low try putting some feed on the hive and see if they will take it. Alot of times if they are on a flow they wont take the feed but if they are low on stores then they just might take it. If they are low, feed at the 1:1 ratio since fall doesnt start until sept 23rd...then the ratio will change to 2:1!!..Good Luck!

    Wouldnt hurt to start giving the bees a pollen substitute as well...I started giving my bees bee-pro last week and they hammered on it before i could get it out of my hands...hahaha
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