Hows the flow?

  1. stripstrike
    I brought home two, eight frame medium nucs on June 25th, my first colonies. Since then I've been feeding 1:1 in an effort to get comb drawn and stores built up to ensure they make it over winter. They are both taking syrup like I can't believe; one hive is on a scale so I can track it pretty well. They both have their second medium drawn to about 90% and I added a third with foundation to each last week. Thursday the 12th the scale hive got 12 pounds of syrup, today the feeder was darn near empty and took 13 pounds to fill it back up. To give you an idea, the two hives have taken, including today's feed, 120 pounds of sugar, almost equally divided between them. So about 7-8 pounds per hive per week.

    So, my question is, has the goldenrod/loosestrife/aster flow really started for us yet? Is it time for tough love?

  2. jeff123fish
    not sure about your side of the state but here in the western half it has come on very strong
  3. stripstrike
    Thanks Jeff. I pulled feeders a week and a half ago. With the exception of the day after Earl hit I've had pretty steady increases of a pound and up to three pounds a day. They were actually a little defensive, which is new for them, and I got tagged twice Monday after taking the jacket off. I guess having something to protect makes a difference. The activity level around the hives is pretty intense right now as I think they'r putting on the last rush to fill up. We had a night in the forties recently!
  4. jeff123fish
    They'll calm back down as soon as they get back to filling those supers
  5. jaredt1
    We havent had much of a flow at all up in NH. Everyone ive talked to has said the same thing...started off strong and then dropped right off to nothing.
  6. jeff123fish
    I pulled 200 pounds off this weekend
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