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  1. g.gill
    I'm on the Northside of Fayetteville and my hives are located just South of Lindon.
  2. heaflaw
    Thanks, this is a great idea. I hope we can learn from each other.
  3. SmithN
    Thank you, for inviting me to join with other beekeepers in NC.
    I think this is a great idea!
    I'm a hobby beekeeper whos hobby has taken over.
    I'm located in Hickory, I currently have 11 hives + 2 nucs.

    Thanks again, Norma
  4. fat/beeman
    I am a Ga beekeeper been doing bees most of my life willing to learn more. and share some ideas with all new and old bk's.
  5. Bugjumper6
    Appreciate the invite and what a great idea. I'm sure it's been there awhile, but did not notice it until today. I'm a hobby beekeeper in Foxfire(near Pinehurst). I lost two hives this last year, but hope to be up to 5 this spring.
  6. popsjim
    Thanks for the invite. HELLO to every one.
  7. Skinner Apiaries
    Guess I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, I'm in Bladen County, I'm aspiring to feed myself with these interesting little critters. I hope we can all learn and help each other out on here.
  8. Kazzandra
    Howdy guys! I'm from up here in the Mountains, with the nearest city being Boone. Nice to find this group.
  9. Kitty
    Hello. I'm in the country near Chapel Hill and a little sorry to see that this forum appears to be moribund.

    We are taking the Orange County Beekeepers Association bee class and have ordered 2 colonies from Lee's Bees in Mebane.

    We'll be in Pittsboro on Jan 28 for the Natural Beekeeping Workshop.

    Anybody here going to be there?
  10. heaflaw
    Yes, I wish it was more active. Anyone know what happened to Gingerbee. I see she started this group, but hasn't posted in a long time.
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