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  1. gingerbee
    This group was formed for NC beekeepers to help other NC beekeepers. You are welcome to join and share local information pertaining to honeybee keeping in NC.

    After a request from someone to join, I've started inviting members listed in the beesource membership list. If you have not yet been invited and would like to join, please pm me.


  2. Ski
    Thanks for starting the group and the invite.

  3. Gregory and Susan Fariss
    Gregory and Susan Fariss
    What a great idea, Gingerbee. Thanks for inviting us.
  4. No_Bivy
    thanks for the invite....Im new to bees .....but learn quick. I just got started in November with a BeeLog and then a "cut out" two weeks ago.....not to mention the nuc I ordered. I think Im losing control...
  5. gingerbee
    I'd like to have a lot of hives, but can only hope I can take care of them all. So you have feral bees, neat. Did you hive them?
  6. smgchandler
    hi all and yes great idea and thanks for the invite - i know a few in this group but would like to know how close we are - i am a few miles from greg and susan in a place called Advance and since i caught my own swarm just as they left one of my healthy hives on 3/23 i now have 4 hives LOL but have 2 empty top bar hives waiting on another swarm of bees !!
  7. peletier
    This is a good idea...lots of Tarheels on this site.
  8. gingerbee
    Hi back to everyone. I'm in Colfax, between Greensboro and Kernersville.
  9. flw50
    Thanks for the invite. I lost some hives so I will be starting six new packages next month. Hope to expand to a real business someday. Nice to part of the group. Located in the Triangle area.
  10. tct1w
    Thanks for the invite and hello to the group. Name here is Dave and I live in Belews Creek. This is my second year so alot to learn. Im ready for the sun and I bet the girls are too. Cu Dave
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