SHB *Any New Ideas*

  1. rrussell6870
    I would like to hear how others are coping? We have developed our own strategy that seems to be working well, but we are running a little ove 3,600 colonies and pest control is a HUGE burden... Lets talk about what works.
  2. JohnK and Sheri
    Sorry I missed this post earlier, but I am interested in the ramifications and solutions to SHB, as we will have them soon I am sure.
    Now it is looking like the SHB is taking it's toll on HI. What are you doing different than what they are doing?
    We normally raise queens up here in WI May and June, and aside from infesting the hot room I understand that mating nucs is the worst problem they cause.

    Up until now Varroa and Nosema seemed to be the problems we needed to deal with, now there's another.....
  3. Skinner Apiaries
    Sheri, if you use a shipping container to hold supers and fumigate them I doubt you'll have much problem. They're a nuisance in production hives, and can become a serious problem in mating nucs. Presuming most of your yards are in full sun you wont have very many problems, deadouts aside.
  4. rrussell6870
    Sorry I missed your post sheri... yes mating nucs are the greatest hurdle for most of us... the best way that we have found to keep them under control is a multilevel approach...
    1. Run fresh traps with bait on the bottom of all hives and specially formulated deterrent in the tops of all hives during each fall going all the way into winter... this kills off any populations that you would have had to face during the spring when the mating nucs are being made up and at their weakest...
    2. Use a special mixture of essential oils in syrup that is being fed to mating nucs... this acts as a deterrent instead of a calling card like most syrup would be...
    3. Place mating nuc frames on production colonies to be filled and capped during the fall flow, so they can be used to feed mating nucs as early as possible instead of feeding syrup...

    Continued in next post...
  5. rrussell6870
    4. For mini nucs, use micro cd case traps in every hole, flat on the bottom, baited of course... change out these cd traps each time you cage and/or plant a new cell, so there are always fresh baited traps in the nucs during their queenless period...
    5. During the peak shb season, double up traps by placing one on the top bars of the frames in the mating nucs...
    6. Clean up any slimed nucs immediately upon finding them... a drum of water/bleach solution with band and lid workday well but gets nasty... dumping and refilling at each cycle us effective at killing the eggs, larvae, and adults while also removing the bee deterrent from the combs... when dumped the combs can be robbed out by bees or ants and then placed back on production hives for clean up and reuse...
    Hope this helps.
  6. JohnK and Sheri
    It seems noticing these replies is a problem, I didn't see this one til now. sorry.

    But yes, that helps, thanks.
    We are just now starting to see the very occasional SHB in full size colonies, didn't see any in mating nucs last year. Maybe we can get by another year.<sigh> We had some in mostly shade last year, guess I will not put them there this year.

    If it isn't proprietary, may I ask what essent oil you are using in the syrup that deters SHB?

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