Hows it going?

  1. jaredt1
    I dont know about everyone else but this weather has been great for my hives. My two new hives have drawn out and filled the bottom boxes and i just added the second deeps this weekend end. My hive from last year has drawn out ten new frames I added and now is almost done filling the first honey super! Ants continue to be an issue in my old wooden hive but my new hives are those styrofoam hives and so far they have been fine. I kind of wish I got carniolans for my new hives because they have been so great in my other hives but i guess it will be an experiment to see how i like the italians. Hope everyone elses summer has started as well as mine and good luck!
  2. Hawkster
    i have one BeeMax and a wooden hive. Ants drilled right through the styrofoam and into the feeder ! I think i spilled some sugar water but the foam was not obstacle at all. weather has been great last week and a half a lot of growth going on.
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