TBH types & mods

  1. glassinfreno
    my names is jay, Im totaly NOOB to beekeeping.
    I did my first cut out yesterday. I'm praying that they all will stay.

    what type of TBH do you have? are all tbh the same style???

    Did you build it?
    I built 2 with some scrap lumber left from a remodel demo...
    all n all i spent about 3 1/2 hrs start to finish.

    the next ones i think.. will have a mid or two to go on top of the original stand.
  2. suprstakr
    Officialy only 2 that I know , unofficialy it's up to your imanigation .Anny hollow with bars on top is a TBH .
  3. bigbearomaha
    building three types of hives for this coming Spring. Warre Vertical TBH, Kenyan horizontal TBH, and a Langstroth hive body using top bars and/or foundation-less frames.

    Big Bear
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