Tried my new extractor today

  1. beekeepinglady~SC
    I got a good deal on a honey extractor. Today me & the hubby decide to pull a super. I also got a new uncapping knife . We uncap 2 frames & put them in & we start to spin I tell my husband that I think we only need to spend it about 10 times to not pull the comb out, he doesn't lessen to his wife & proceeds to crank the handle about 30 times, all the comb out of those 2 frames, we only need to crank it 6 time & flip the baskets
    Some older beekeepers here have told me they use hose to strain their honey. I get my 5 gallon bucket & set it under the spout. They didn't tell me to roll the hose up so just a little is used to strain the honey. Honey start's coming out & the next thing I knew the hose was streached out like a long neck of a goose. I panic & try to pick part of the hose up out of the bucket, getting honey all over my hands. It was a huge honey mess. But we learned a lot of good lessons about extracting honey &we did wind up with 4 lbs of honey.
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