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  1. tecumseh
    if you were to list (1,2,3, etc) the values that commonly unite folks of the left??? what might the list look like?

    I must admit here comrads that I don't personally identify myself as left of center... so I am really trying to figure out is if I really belong at this party and would just like to see if we hold major tenants in common.
  2. Sundance
    Well Tec.......... that's a broad question indeed. In
    many things I am probably to the right as well. But
    I'll give it a stab...... These 3 are greatly influenced
    by current events.

    1. The Government is not They it is We.

    2. The working class is the backbone of our
    country. Trickle Up baby!!

    3. How We treat the least of us is the true measure
    of society.

    Carry on comrades....
  3. tecumseh
    liberty, equality, justice.... I guess since WE got that from the french, it is so passe?

    #3 sundance make you sound a bit like a christian? since almost the exact same phrase came out of The Man's mouth.

    Can't disagree with #1 or #2 either.
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