Where in NE are you from?

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  1. bleta12
    I am in Granby CT

  2. Slumgum
    Hancock, NH
  3. KelpticFest
    I'm from Middlesex County MA, member of Worcester Co. group. Taking the 2011 bee class and getting my nucs April 30 (after the roofers leave!) so I'm not a beekeeper yet.
    June 30: One of my 2 nucs is dying, the other is going great guns. Does that make me half a beekeeper?
  4. CesarBeeCool
    I keep bees in Hubbardston,Ma. North of Worcester. 2nd year two hives.
  5. CesarBeeCool
    Who is going to

    Massachusetts Beekeepers' Association 6th Annual Field Day
    Date: Saturday June 25, 2011
    Time: 9am - 4pm
    Place: UMass Agronomy Farm South Deerfield, MA

    I have never been before. Does anyone know is this a big event. What are the main bullet points of the day.

  6. staythirsty
    I'm in Phillipston, MA.

    Brand new beekeeper this year, doing topbar hive.

    Going to try to make it to the Field day on the 25th.
  7. Scottyd
    New beekeeper I'm from New Bedford, Ma (Bristol County) and my bees live in Acushnet, Ma
    Hi Second year Beekeeper here as well.. Lost both my hives over the winter so I'm starting over. Located in Rutland County.
  9. Hoiney Garden
    hi 30 year beek in Attleboro ma member of the norkfork bee asso.
  10. mainelybees
    Hi all. I'm halfway between Augusta and Portland Maine.

    Maine-ly Bees
    Bowdoinham, ME
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