Where in NE are you from?

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  1. Bluidshay
    Howdy! Second year beekeeper here. I live in Southeastern MA, Bristol County, just above the RI line.
  2. Peter
    Middlesex County MA, Westford
  3. stripstrike
    Another Middlesex Country, MA beek. Billerica is where the girls and I call home.
  4. newbee816
    Im in Townsend Mass
  5. Noelle
    I'm from MetroWest Massachusetts. Framingham to be exact.
  6. jeff123fish
    western mass
  7. mudlandmin
    im from central new york... not really new england
  8. astockman
    I currently live in Concord, NH but I will have my two hives in Tuftonboro, NH in the spring. I am new to beekeeping. Equipment is ready to go and I am now doing the reading.
  9. John C
    Hi -
    New to the group and within my 1st year beekeeping.
    I'm in Attleboro, MA.
  10. jmack
    Shelton, CT
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