Where in NE are you from?

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  1. jaredt1
    Hey everyone, I was thinking it might be helpful to know what state each of us resides in New England. That way if one of us has a regional question we can direct to someone nearer by. I'm from southern nh.
  2. lambetti
    I am from northern Worcester county...
  3. Jim 134
    I am from northern Worcester county Athol Massachusetts

    BEE HAPPY Jim 134
  4. Hawkster
    Almost a new Beekeeper package arrive 5/3 very excited. I live in Rowley MA

    Russ Hawkins
  5. jaredt1
    oh a first year beekeeper? I gaurantee a fun and well...interesting time this year. good luck russ!
  6. Hawkster
    Read a lot of books, ABC XYZ cover to cover. looking forward to it and expect to have some questions
  7. BeeCurious
    I'm in Greenwich CT

    I have the feeling that very few people are signed up to receive notices from this social group...

  8. huggy
    I'm up near Bangor, Maine...
  9. KCsBees
    I'm near Bangor too, Hi Huggy.
  10. dabb
    not considered NE but I'm from upstate NY-east Of Albany
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