Called to catch First SWARM

  1. fhlowrimore
    Lady from Murrels Inlet contacted me today 4-3-10 to remove swarm from her yard. I guessed the swarm to be about 4 pounds. New hive is in my Beeyard now.
  2. beekeepinglady~SC
    Wow that's great, glad you could give them a new home. How are they doing?
  3. fhlowrimore
    Hello Anna,
    Welcome, so far I have caught 3 swarms and all are doing great. I start them in 5 frame 10" boxes with two comb frames. One with eggs,One with
    pollen and honey. Gives them a good start. I also feed them 2-to-1 sugar syrup with Fumagilin-B and Honey B Healthy until I add supers.
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