Revive this forum?

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  1. Karenleigh51
    I've been online looking for a beekeeping forum for NC and found this one. Sadly, it looks as though not much is going on here even though there are over 100 members. If you stumble upon this forum, leave a message, ask a question, anything to get it up and active. I'm a new beekeeper (or beesitter as I call myself) and would like to make contact with others who share an interest in beekeeping. So join in and let's see what we can do! I'll be checking daily to see if anyone posts and I'll do my best to reply.
  2. jhj8864
    I'm new to beekeeping and beesource as in a rural area about 20 miles from Greensboro. Would love to hear some locale-specific information too. Let's go North Carolinians, let's talk about our bees
  3. heaflaw
    Yes, I've been disappointed that this site is not more active also. Much of beekeeping really is local. PS: I like the term beesitter.
  4. ricjamvo
    Another newbie here. I just set up my first hive the beginning of April. Took a class at the local Extension Service office (in Polk County, about 1.5 hrs west of Charlotte) taught by a man who's been doing it for 30 yrs up in the Saluda area. He gets the bees for area beekies down in Georgia, don't know what race. So far my bees look very happy, doing what bees do. THEY ARE SO COOL!! They're very mellow so far, haven't been stung at all yet, though I try to leave them to their own devices as much as possible. But my queen is laying, & the brood box is about 3/4 full of comb, so I just put the 2nd set of frames in about 2 weeks ago. I took a look this past weekend & they're starting to make comb in the added super.
  5. heaflaw
    Ricjamvo, Sounds like you are doing well. You can find a lot of answers to questions here on Beesource. And don't be afraid to ask.
  6. MiddleofMae
    I'm with you! Would love to hear NC specific bee news! I'm in the Western part of the state, 20 minutes north of Asheville. I thought the flow was about over, and harvested 2 supers last weekend, but they are STILL bringing in nectar and have capped another super that was only partially filled 10 days ago. The sourwood trees are blooming, as well as clover, but the sumac dried up a couple weeks ago.
  7. GailDean
    Glad to be a newbee in Western NC, Nantahala Lake area. Sourwood flow is almost over...and I seem to have a problem. There are not enough bees in my hives! Running mediums, and thought that adding a new box was appropriate after 6 of 8 frames were drawn out. But, the bees have have not touched the empty frames since I've added the other boxes. I have 2 colonies, one with 2 boxes and 4 empty frames and one with 3 boxes and 6 empty frames. Any suggestions?
  8. windmiller
    I'm a new bee sitter as well. My husband and I bought a new house in Raeford July 2013. It came with two hives. One died the week before we moved in, but I've been given a swarm since to replace them. I went to one local beekeepers association meeting but that was a long time ago. The bees have just been left to their own devices since we moved in. I had a local beekeeper come to the house last fall to inspect the hive after we moved in & he suggested I don't harvest any honey since it was so late in the year to be sure they survived the winter. I've been reading a lot of books about beekeeping. I bought some supplies as well. I also like to watch videos on YouTube by the fat bee man. He has one about harvesting honey on the cheap, so I'm gonna try this method first.
  9. rodney
    Did you try checkerboardin your frames GailDean??
  10. dsegrest
    I am David Segrest from Charlotte and have been participating in Bee Source for awhile. Just discovered this group. I need help all the time and am willing to share what my bees and other beekeepers teach me.
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