View Full Version : Bee Pherome?

04-28-2000, 12:11 PM
Has anyone ever heard of some type of bee pherome that can be used to lure a swarm into a hive. I've heard mention of it, but I don't know exactly what it is or where to get it.



04-28-2000, 07:11 PM
Hi Doug -

This question of where to get a particular item is often asked by new beekeepers. I hope people will make use of all the work that went into providing the long lists of suppliers at :

The first thing anyone who wants to take up beekeeping should do is go to this page and either call or write at least 5 of the suppliers listed and get there catalog. For instance, in my 2000 Dadant catalog page 20 has "Pheromones" of which there are two listed, Bee Boost and Swarm Catch. "Swarm Catch contains nasonov; the orientation pheromone sometimes called the "come hither" pheromone."

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, page 25, Pheromone Lure. "Lures contain a scent (pheromone) which insects use to communicate. This Lure duplicates the scent that scout bees release when they find a good home for their swarm."

Betterbee, page 51, Bee Boost with QMP and Swarm Catch with Nasonov

Mann Lake Ltd. (promise me you won't order CheckMite+ from them, bad stuff!!), page 28, Swarm Lures and Bee Boost with QMP.

Get the catalogs and spend an evening seeing what's out there for the beekeeper.