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Mike Ohio
01-15-2002, 03:58 PM
Hi, I'm Mike
I began my first year of beekeeping last spring. My interest in it is just curiosity, like feeding and watching birds-observation. I acquired a split from a local beekeeper and a package from a nearby supplier in order to weigh the benifits each . What I have learned about bees in year one of "doing" rather than reading has given me the fever. I have learned that:

1)all bees are equal, they need a proper house and good food, and they excell and prosper when conditions are met(challenge 1).
2) When you are with your bees do what you feel is helping(go with your instincts) and experiment even if you don't know-next time you can repeat or try again.
3) to reach a self-suficieint,human hands off, state of beeing, one must rear queens//go genetic no easy way=educate

Just Mumblin

01-15-2002, 07:47 PM
hello mike,glad to hear from you!I am also a first year beekeeper,and also have caught the "eekeeping fever"I originally got a split from a local beekeeper for fruit orchard pollination.At this time I have five hives overwintering nicely!I have 3 italian and 2 russian queens. 2 top bar and 3 lang hives,I am also experimenting with different hives and bees,its all very interesting to me.What did you meen by #3 in your post?welcome to the forum!...JOHN

Mike Ohio
01-16-2002, 02:56 PM
I guess #3 was a condensed verson of my beekeeping goals and the reality of achieving it.
My goals: 1)Learn basic foundation knowlege of beekeeping and apply it to my hives, and do not become a "techie" who frets over every move.
2)Let the bees alone:avoid unneeded inspections and manipulations. This is tough in beginning cause you wanna see what's goin' on in there every day
3)Enjoy-This is a hobby-enough said
In this first year I harvested 4 gallons of honey from the split, the package did not like the pierco frames I put them on and they managed to hump out a winter store.
I checked by listening(ear to hive)and both colonies are sounding well today. Both had mites in August(IPM screens) and I used Apistan this fall per directions.
My reality is that your bees are not "yours". You may be isolated but the bees are not. To achieve my goals I must breed a survivor to my location. I have to become a "techie" manipulator,for a while, anyway. To do this I must educate myself and this is a fine site for such knowlege I seek. This 4.9 cell size thing is an riguing idea.
In a nut shell my goals where not a reality in year one!