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DADANT is now manufacturing and selling a 4.9 mm cell size foundation.

Since 1997, the Lusby's have successfully maintained their honeybee colonies the traditional way, without the use of drugs, essential oils, or chemical treatments. Through their experience, they believe to be successful at keeping bees the "non-chemical" way, three elements make up the solution; matching comb size to the natural environment is 1/3, diet is 1/3, and breeding is 1/3.

If you read through historical documents that the Lusby's have compiled from countless hours of research through periodicals, journals, scientific papers and books, it is clear that a deliberate change took place back in the early 1900's to go to the outer bounds of possibilty in creating a bigger honeybee. A point can be made that a sudden increase in bee diseases and pests also happened at the same time.

Seeing that our country was founded upon and originally used 4.83mm cell sizing, the Lusby's have found that there is naturally an optimal cell size for ones own geographic area, of which they have complied these sizes on a world map for reference.

It is the opinion of some beekeepers that an extreme emphasis over the years on breeding a bigger and 'better' bee has lead to a problematic honeybee.

If you are interested in reading more about how one uses the 4.9 foundation in their hives, please refer to the following pages:

The Biological Beekeeping List provides current discussion on beekeeping without the use of chemicals and drugs and discussion on how others are converting their bees to the 4.9 mm foundation.
Here are some sample measurements of the new 4.9 mm foundation.

100% Beeswax foundation for deep (9-1/8") frames.

Foundation size: 8-1/2" x 16-3/4"
Quanity per carton: 10 sheets
Price per carton: $10.95

There are several ways to order the foundation.

On the Internet:
Order online through Dadant's secure server at:
Click on 'Healthy Bees' then 'Pest Controls'
Second item on page two, item #F46010

Order via email by sending order request to:

Order by phone at: 1-800-637-7468

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