eBay Member “bestplans2009” Selling Beesource Plans

You will notice that an eBay user who’s name is “bestplans2009” (real name Karl) has been selling a Beekeeping CD on eBay called “honey bee keeping bee hive plans 75p”. (So which is it, honeybee or beekeeping?)


Seller is “bestplans2009” and his name is Karl. Karl lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Beesource was alerted by someone that this CD had plans from Beesource included on it. Of course every drawing/plan has the copyright printed on them. Oh, no problem, he thinks a notice to eBay staff  will take care of that.

“Attention eBay Staff: I am an Authorized Reseller of this product and also the copyright holder or I have resale rights to this ebook or item. Full Resale Rights are Granted by the copyright owners to sell these E-books with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights Granted! This ad complies with all eBay rules and regulations.”

Beesource is filing a Notice of Claimed Infringement with eBay.


This list looks just like the list here:

Hall of Shame Award goes to Karl.

Check out his profile on eBay:

See all his beekeeping CD violations posted:
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